Episode 3 - Photoshop and Flying Solo

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  • Song Name: Episode 3 - Photoshop and Flying Solo
  • Artist: Arts Award Voice
  • Album: Arts Award Voice Podcast
  • Year: 2014

Roll up, roll up, the month of April cometh to a end, and that means you get another Voice podcast!

The first thing to note about this episode is the absence of Flossie, Content Editor for Voice. This meant that Tom had to fly solo this month, but the show retained its great content delivery structure.

As always we had the Arts Award Voice headlines, before briefly dipping into YNL Watch.

After that, Tom hopped onto his soap box to announce the new Arts Award Voice viral video, which this time focuses on dance.

Refusing to leave the soap box, he then discussed whether or not dance is sport or art, before giving a long soliloquy about the use of photoshop in the modelling industry.

Finally relinquishing his soap box to people to deserve it more, the podcast then moves to an interview with Festival of the Spoken Nerd. Recorded backstage during the second night of their tour back in January, the nerds give the low down on how they tour and tips to enter the industry.

Finally, sadly, and with much guesto, the podcast ended with a request to the listeners. Please share the podcast with your friends, and rate it on iTunes. If nothing else, please continue to post on www.artsawardvoice.com, and follow us on twitter: @artsawardvoice.

The outro song was ‘Happy Chiptune’ by Sonaiu, and was found on Pond5.

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